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Welcome to Betsy Ross Resort

Betsy Ross Resort is

Family, Fishing, and Fun

Nestled on the south shore of Little Ida Bay on the northwest corner of Lake Ida, the second largest lake in Douglas County. Close enough to enjoy Alexandria and far enough to be quiet and private, Betsy Ross Resort is the perfect setting for a family vacation.


Lake Ida has crystal clear water with visibility exceeding 16 feet. The lake is an exceptional fishery with a complex bottom structure and many deep holes.


Little Ida Bay is an ideal recreational area as boaters can almost always find a calm area for water sports. The 4400 acre Lake Ida is nearly six miles long, making it a great please cruise looking at a complex shoreline with bullrush, sand beaches, and many beautiful houses.

Many people mainly enjoy the wildlife on the lake. Lake Ida a perfect spot to watch and listen to our state bird. Fall Loons gather on Lake Ida in the hundreds prior to departing on their long migration. You will also find large numbers of geese, ducks, white pelicans, white and grey egrets, and many bald eagles flying and perching in nearby trees.

Lake Ida is a perfect Minnesota Lake

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