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How to make a reservation?
  • On-line booking is evolving. You can request a reservation from the Availability page and we will contact you to complete the booking

  • Cabin rates are based on set number of people. Extra overnight guests are $25/night or $125/week

Can we reserve short stays?
  • Reservations during the core summer months are generally Saturday through Friday.  Short stays require pre-approval 

  • Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends are three day reservations, with a Friday arrival and Monday morning departure

  • Reservations prior to Memorial Day and after Labor Day can be any combination of days, with a minimum charge equal to a three day reservation

  • After reserving a cabin or home, we will mail a deposit request that includes information such as dates, deposits, taxes, and etc.

  • Deposits are due within 10 days unless otherwise agreed

  • The reservation balance is due upon arrival

Check-in and Check-out
  • Check-in time is no earlier than 4:00 PM and check-out time is no later than 6:00 PM for weekly stays to allow housekeeping adequate time for turnover.  Off-season and short stays checkout is normally 9:00 AM but can sometimes be extended until later if housekeeping is scheduled for the following day.

  • Early arrivals and late departures must be discussed in advance. This is usually not a problem outside the core summer weeks or if the next arrival is on a different day.

What Do We Provide
  • Commercially cleaned bed linens

  • Blankets, pillows

  • Cookware

  • Gas and/or Charcoal Grill

  • Fish Cleaning House with running water

  • Paddle Boards, Paddle Boat, Kayaks, Canoe

  • Volleyball, Soccer, and other yard games

  • Playground and large grassy play area

  • Water bouncer and water slide

  • Boat ramp and trailer parking

  • Boat Docks

What We Sell and/or Rent
  • Bait - Crappie Minnows, Night Crawlers, Worms, Leeches (Minnows and Leeches as available from supplier)

  • Light non-perishable groceries and condiments

  • Ice

  • Candy, Ice Cream, Soda

  • Soaps and Toiletries

  • Souvenirs 

  • Fishing Boats, Pontoons, and Sailboat

  • Boat Lifts (limited supply - please request in advance)

  • Window Air Conditioners

What You Bring
  • Large Kitchen trash bags 

  • Bath and Kitchen towels

  • Soaps and toiletries.

  • Paper products

  • Beach toys

Pet Policy
  • Pets are not allowed. We love our pets and I'm sure we would love yours as well. Unfortunately, it's impossible to manage everyone's pet situation while you are on vacation.

  • All cabins are smoke-free

  • Please keep cigarettes outside and dispose of butts appropriately 

  • Please respect our property and your neighbors air quality

Fireworks and Firearms
  • Fireworks, including sparklers, are not allowed on the grounds

  • Guns/Firearms are prohibited

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